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“No person is useless: each of you is needed. Have trust, cultivate hope, and reaffirm your commitment to serving others.” 

Tina Anselmi


The Circolino, our main operating venue, is formally recognized as a Day Center for the Elderly belonging to the City Coordination.

Here, you can stay for extended periods without any obligation to make purchases, with discounted pricing, and the possibility to avail of a range of services and facilities free of charge.

The Circolino serves as a meeting point, a solid and informal reference, a familiar place with its door always open. It’s a gathering space open to all age groups where social relationships are fostered and culture is promoted. Various collaborations have emerged with local organizations and associations, including: the cooperative L’Impronta and the Senzacca Project with cooking workshops for disabled adults and volunteers, the Oratorio Seminarino with activities for youth, tour guides for unusual tours in spaces of artistic interest, and the Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo for itinerant and interactive performances.


“Circolando, spreading solidarity” is a meal delivery service for the elderly and people in need in collaboration with the Department of Social Policies of the Municipality of Bergamo, providing concrete assistance to those living alone or in fragile conditions in the areas of Città Alta and Colli.
This service allows individuals to receive meals at home or consume them, when possible, at Circolino. It has been active since March 2008 and has been highly appreciated by users and their families.
In 2022, a total of 4849 meals were delivered.
Our support for the elderly population also includes assistance with tax and pension matters and transportation for medical visits in collaboration with ANMIC (National Association for the Mentally and/or Physically Disabled) of Bergamo.


Our organization strongly believes in the richness and human potential that arise, especially from a relational context of cultural diversity where different backgrounds find strong connections.

For years, foreign citizens have been employed at our restaurant, where they not only find decent wages and employment but also opportunities for professional and social growth. Over time, we have expanded our efforts to include the employment integration of probationary inmates with Social Services or individuals in semi-liberty regimes, thanks to established collaborations with the Prison and Territory Committee and the pedagogical area of the Bergamo Penitentiary.

Fighting prejudice and social marginalization thus characterize our business choices, aligned with the firm conviction that true inclusion cannot exist without recognizing and respecting diversity.


Established in collaboration with the parish, this lively gathering space has enlivened the afternoons at the Seminarino Oratory since 2000. The protagonists are students from the primary and lower secondary schools in the neighborhood, who come together to do homework and share some time together. A team of educators and volunteers coordinates activities with not only educational and didactic goals but also pedagogical and resocializing objectives.

The key focus is on the well-being of the students in a serene and familiar atmosphere. The longevity of the service is enhanced by networking with schools, parents, and various agencies that work in the area for targeted educational actions for minors and their families.

Polisportiva Bergamo Alta

Founded in 1982 by some of the founding members of our Cooperative, Polisportiva Bergamo Alta was established to promote sports activities in the neighborhood, with a particular focus on soccer.

Its mission goes beyond managing championships and training sessions; it involves designing aggregative and educational paths to nurture new generations with strong and positive values negotiated during sports activities. Aware that the neighborhood’s morphology does not allow for adequate installation of sports fields and facilities, we cannot allow the sports club to fade away; we must continue to ensure its existence. We owe it to the children, the youth, the families, and the neighborhood.